The Architectural Glass Installation Team that Could

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On a recent Architectural Glass installation in Henley-on-Thames the IQ Glass installation team had a difficult challenge. It is not unusual for houses lining the banks of the river Thames to use specialist architectural glass. When you have a view like that you want to make the most of it!

But what do you do when the house isn’t accessible by road?

The home which we were installing at was based on a little island in the middle of the Thames running through Henley with no direct road access. To access the home you had to cross the little stretch of river in a small boat.

Glass delivery by Boat
Glass delivery by Boat

So that is what the IQ Glass installation team did! They packed their tools, materials and large frameless glass panels into the boat and shipped it across.

It took a good few trips but eventually, the architectural glass was installed in the home and the installation team were able to relax with a cup of Earl Grey.

“They were not fazed by having to cross the river Thames with all their glass, metal and tools …. in our small boat!” said the homeowner. “And we very much appreciated their hard work.”

“Jack, Lucas and Czarek arrived on time, were focused on the task, continuously worked, also worked as a team, were polite and courteous… drank Earl Grey tea …..and finished the project as expected on Friday afternoon.”

When installing large format glass panels or specialist architectural glass on a project it is important that your installation is done by specially trained professionals who are used to installing these types of architectural glass structures, especially if your site is difficult!

Ensuring the quality of your installation is just as important as the quality of the glass you use.

The best way to ensure this is to use an architectural glazing company that offers an in house team of installation professionals. Whether you will require a crane lift over a building or you are hoping to transport any rear elevation glass through a building some installations can be difficult and will require an expert hand to make sure that your glass is installed safely and securely.

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Rebecca is Head of Marketing at the IQ Group and has worked in glazing specification for many years. She has a broad range of technical knowledge about all our glazing products and offers technical advice and guidance to architects for specification. Her easy to digest technical advice is often quoted in magazines and publications. You might also recognise her as one of the IQ Glass CPD presenters.