4 Ways to Create a Disappearing Wall of Glass

sinking glass wall to home build

Modern architecture is gripped with the notion of connecting the inside and the outside, internal-external living spaces, merging the inside and out. The various ways this design technique is described are almost endless. Glass is one of the most popular ways in which architects and designers try to connect these spaces. Its see-through nature allows […]

Picking the Right Patio Door for Your Project

two pane minimal window patio door

The old-fashioned phrase ‘Patio Door’ conjures an image of a chunky uPVC door set and having to step up and over a base frame onto your external patio. This reality has long since passed with the advent of flush floor details, step-free access, modern framing design and the progression of slim framed door systems. Bifold […]

Aberystwyth Band Stand Architectural Glazing Installation

IQ North Aberystwyth band stand installation 5

New Band Stand Installation in Aberystwyth Using Aluminium Bi-fold Doors IQ Glass North’s team of installers  have been battling the elements during the architectural glazing installation of aluminium bi folding doors and aluminium casement windows at Aberystwyth Band Stand. Our highly skilled installers and dedicated project manager oversaw and ran the installation. The installation, as […]

How to Create an Attractive Sky Garden for Residential Developments

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Sky Gardens, or rooftop gardens, are popular additions to luxury prime residential developments throughout London where the availability of ground floor garden area is at a minimum. On these large-scale residential developments, large rooftop garden spaces are normally communal or limited to the top floor penthouses. Lower level apartments may benefit from small balcony spaces […]

All you need to know about Flush Threshold Drainage

Flush Threshold Drain Blog 4

Creating a flush threshold drainage solution (step-free with no level changes) across the base of rear opening doors is a very popular requirement for modern architectural designs. The inclusion of a level threshold from inside to outside effectively merges the internal and external living spaces by removing that level change. As attractive as this design […]

IQ Glass Sliding Folding Doors – Top of the Class

IQ’s standard sliding folding system is at the height of performance testing and durability in its class. The lightweight aluminium profiles are ergonomically designed to be opened one handed throughout its lifetime. Each system is tested to 20,000 cycles, projecting a use of 13 times a week for 30 years to ensure that the systems […]