See How our Sliding Roof Lantern Can Change Your Space

Black silicone framed sliding lantern rooflight

Sliding roof lantern brings light and grants rooftop access to terraced home A recently completed project, close to London’s Borough High Street, now benefits from a sliding rooflight lantern. The impressive glazed installation grants rooftop access from below, allowing the homeowners to enjoy a rooftop terrace space. Often in densely populated areas, residential dwellings are […]

How Much Will a Glazed Extension Cost?

Contemporary glass extension

How to achieve a high-end architectural glazing design on a budget Glass Box Extensions by IQ GlassWatch this video on YouTube. While a conservatory can be a relatively inexpensive alternative to an attractive solid glass extension, a high-end architectural glass extension will almost certainly be more costly. However, dreams can be still be achieved on […]

Get The Look: Molesey

Molesey Infographic

Modern Home Extension IQ Glass designed, manufactured and installed all glazing used on this modern home extension in Surrey. This included a structural glass roof, sliding glass doors, aluminium windows, slim framed sliding windows, frameless rooflights, a Vitra Pivot and an aluminium casement door. Contact Information: +44(0)1494 722 880 The Courtyard Showroom, Sky House, […]


architectural glazing to new build house

Incredible New Build in Surrey Using Glass Sliding Doors This recent new build in Surrey has caught the attention of many magazines and other news articles. Treeside was designed by Lewandowski Architects with all glass design and installations provided by IQ Glass. Slim framed sliding glass doors and windows, glass balustrades and frameless rooflights all […]

Home Supplement – The Sunday Times

Walk On Glass

Clever Architectural Glazing Designs A recent feature in The Sunday Times illustrates clever designs in order to ‘let the sunshine in’ using numerous architectural glazing solutions. Nearly half of potential property buyers (46%) would be put off by a home with poor levels of natural light. Building regulations can cause restrictions on adding glazing that […]

Automated Large Sliding Glass Doors

minimal windows sliding glass doors shenfield mill 2

IQ often provide and incorporate automation within our architectural glazing products, especially useful to create easy to open glazing elements if they are out of reach, or heavy. Auto venting rooflights, access roof boxes and sliding glass windows and doors are all popular examples of automated glazing used often in architectural glass design. Large glass […]

Structural Glass Roof Light Designs

IMG 0493

When looking at attracting light into a space from above there are many different design options, performance considerations and fixing types that need to be thought through.

The first, and simplest, design option is a single fixed rooflight, this can be installed upon an upstand with the external panel of glass stepped over the edges of the upstand and back painted, hiding all fixings and construction.

How to Cover Steel Supports

N7 Rear 2

When creating a structural glass box or façade which includes some opening elements, a steel supporting member may be required around these openings, to support the surrounding glass and to create a low deflection opening for slim framed doors or windows to sit within. Part of the design aspect for IQ is designing and detailing […]

Design Options for Structural Glass Roofs

glass roof over basement

Flat structural glass roofs and rooflights are a popular and timeless element to modern architectural designs. The bespoke nature of these frameless installations means that glass roofs can in any number of shapes, sizes and designs. Structural glass roofs and roof lights are designed with no integral frame; instead, they are supported using structural angles […]