What is Biophilic Design and How Can Glazing Help?

floor to ceiling glass walls for uninterrupted views in biophilic architecture

How to use glazing to achieve a biophilic architectural design  Biophilic design started as an interior design trend, based around forging a strong connection to nature from within the home, incorporating living plants and natural materials. The trend has grown steadily and evolved into an architectural trend as well as an interior trend, using large […]

Reduce CO2 Emissions Effectively With Natural Light

Reduce CO2 Emissions Effectively With Natural Light

How choosing the right specialist glazing systems can impact your energy usage and reduce CO2 emissions With a move toward sustainable building design, changes to building regulations and the government’s plans to cut carbon emissions, finding ways to reduce CO2 emissions in homes has become an increasingly hot topic. One way to do this is […]

Opening the Door on Barn Conversions

In 2012 the government welcomed an external review of its planning policies by Lord Taylor. The findings, amongst other things, should open up the possibility for more rural barn conversions. These large, open-plan buildings create fantastic home offices, gyms, home renovations and garden rooms depending on their size. One thing barns lack though is an […]

Finished Project: Thin Framed Doors and Windows

  Old Brewery Mews IQ provided all specialist glazing elements to this residential refurbishment in Hampstead. The penthouse property offers stunning views of the surrounding London landscape and as such IQ Glass was involved to provide thin-framed doors and windows to all available surfaces. As the access to the small roof terrace IQ Glass’s minimal […]

Benefits of Glass & Natural Light – Why It’s good for your health

Jura House Glass Courtyard

Light… It is the most important concept when it comes to a useable, liveable space. It exaggerates space, lightens a room and is scientifically proven to improve moods and increase work ethic. In this blog article, we explore why humans have become so distant from the natural cycle of the sun and how we can […]