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Do you want to learn more about roof glazing, structural glass roofs, and opening rooflights?

IQ are the UK’s leaders in architectural glazing and bring their high quality and unique glazing installations to projects all over the world. Our highly popular CPD program now includes a dedicated digital offering, providing a comprehensive overview of the specification and design of roof glazing installations.

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The specialist CPD course includes all aspects of roof glazing including structural glass roof designs, opening roofs, drainage of glass roofs, fixing details, optimum sizes and more.

This broad CPD course is offered to you in seven bitesize modules, sent to you each week, allowing you to learn and absorb the technical information at your own pace. Once completed, you will receive a CPD certificate showcasing your completion of this learning course, specifically designed to provide architects and specifiers with a better overview of roof glazing.

To sign up for this digital Roof Glazing CPD course simply complete the form below. Your CPD materials will be sent to you weekly covering a wide range of roof glazing subjects.

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If you require further assistance or have any questions at any stage of your CPD you are always provided with the option to speak to the technical team at IQ who are happy to help and advise.

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Roof Glazing CPD Course Overview

An Overview of Roof Glazing Designs

  • An overview of some of the most popular structural glazing roof options.
  • Where are they most suitable or useful.
  • Some key considerations for specifying these structural glass roofs.
  • Options for opening roof lights.

Fixing Details for Glass Roofs

The Maximum Sizes for Roof Glazing Installs

  • What is the maximum glass pane you can use on a glass roof?
  • How to create a rooflight in one single pane.
  • How can you make glass roofs cost effective?
  • When is a crane lift required?
  • How to create large structural glass roofs.

Drainage Details for Structural Glass Roofs

  • What options are there for glass roof drainage?portland road roof glazing and floorlights underneath
  • How can you create minimal glass roofs with drainage?

Creating Unique and Bespoke Glass Roof Designs

  • What to consider when designing something unique.
  • Project examples of unique glass roofs for inspiration.
  • What is possible and what is not possible from roof glazing?

Glass Roofs as part of a Larger Glass Construct

  • Integrated glass roofs into glass extensions and atria.
  • Integrating opening glass roofs into larger installations.
  • Steel supports for glass roofs above opening doors.South West London IQGlass 48

Glass Roofs to Listed Buildings

  • What considerations are there when adding a glass roof in a listed building?
  • Project examples showing past precedent for listed building renovation.
  • Fixing and support options for glass roofs to listed buildings.



Sign up for this bitesize digital CPD course today to gain an in-depth understanding of the specification of glass roofs. Simply complete the form below to join this popular CPD course straight away.

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All modules include useable practical advice on roof glazing specification, typical technical fixing details for various glass roof installations, completed project examples as well as links to further reading. The result is a comprehensive technical CPD on glass roofs providing architects and specifiers expert advice from the architectural glazing leaders.

If you have any requests for future CPD topics or any additional information you think would be useful to include in this CPD course please contact the team at IQ.

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Rebecca is Head of Marketing at the IQ Group and has worked in glazing specification for many years. She has a broad range of technical knowledge about all our glazing products and offers technical advice and guidance to architects for specification. Her easy to digest technical advice is often quoted in magazines and publications. You might also recognise her as one of the IQ Glass CPD presenters.