Introducing RoboGlaze

Glass lifting machine IQ Glass

New in-house glass lifting technology

Always at the forefront of the latest architectural glazing technology, IQ have developed a new solution for the installation of heavy and large architectural glass units.

Spurred on by the COVID-19 crisis – where we had to consider social distancing, number of men on site and glass lifting as part of our safe working practices – we have developed an exclusive range of machines to assist with our glass installation practices.

Glass lifting machine IQ GlassEach glass lifting machine – playfully dubbed RoboGlaze – can lift up to a whopping 800kg of glass. The caterpillar track base allows RoboGlaze to easily travel over the uneven ground of building sites and even uphill.

By adding a RoboGlaze machine to our team of installers we can reduce the number of men required on site. This helps our site operations become more efficient as well as facilitating proper social distancing amongst our installation teams. It will also have a positive effect on our carbon footprint with fewer men travelling to site each day.

With the types of projects IQ undertake, we often work with extremely large, very heavy glass units. RoboGlaze will make the installation of these oversized glass units safer and more efficient.

The fleet of RoboGlaze machines will soon be joining the IQ installation team, working on our projects all over the UK. Look out for one of them on a building site near you!

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Carly Coren

Carly is an integral part of the marketing team at IQ. She studied marketing at university before putting her knowledge into practice within the glazing industry. You will find her working on social media campaigns or writing blog content for the brand.