Want to Extend or Renovate a Historic or Listed Building?

Cotswolds Cottage invisible frameless Glass Link

The Link Between New and Old

When wanting to extend or renovate an historic or listed building the integrity of the original building and design is something that must be thought of.
Glass can be engineered to have many enhanced properties but is naturally transparent. This is the reason it is used regularly and to great extent as a bridge between what was and what will be.

It is often a requirement of the planning permission that any structure linking form a listed building to a new structure be transparent and frameless but even if it is not, that clear definition in the structure and design of the building can allow you to do something different, new and contrasting without impeding on the classic architecture of the existing building.

Edge House Frameless Glass Link

IQ Glass, as specialist glaziers in frameless structural assemblies, have been called upon to provide just that many times over the years. One of the most notable would be the RIBA award winning property by Found Associates. The country cottage based in the rolling greenery of the Cotswolds in a picturesque lake side setting was given a complete re-haul and extension. IQ’s Minimal Windows were used throughout but the connection between the old and the new was a frameless, colourless, almost invisible glass link. Supported by the stonework of the new and original buildings the glass link space provides a clear break in materials making the extension seem almost as if they were freestanding, individual buildings.

Glazed link to Fairstead uses frameless glass panels for maxiumum transparency

Another example of this invisible glass work would be at this large residence ‘Edge House’. The link here was to connect the main house with a games and entertainment space. The frameless glass construction is almost invisible from afar, keeping the visual feel of the original structure and design.

In Fairstead IQ Glass constructed a frameless glass link between the original house and the newly built games room. The construction integrated timber and metal works but left the glazing completely transparent and frameless, with frameless pivot doors to give an almost uninterrupted view from the gravel courtyard to the picturesque manicured lawn behind.

You see it all the time in architectural designs even mainstream media like Grand Designs and Restoration Man, the constant wish to merge old and new. Glass and IQ Glass are the perfect partners to bridge that gap, creating stunning and discrete glass constructions to every purpose.
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