IQ’s Quality Glazing for Car Showrooms

“in these environments large glass facades and fronts are key”

IQ Glass have developed a glazing system specifically led and focused for car showrooms. Obviously, in these environments large glass facades and fronts are key in allowing passing potential customers to see clearly into the showroom space. Therefore minimal framing, transparency and clarity of glass are hugely important.

With that in mind IQ can offer a few basic ideas for the architectural glazing elements in a Showroom environment.

Non reflective glass –Non reflective glass is manufactured and treated to avoiding reflections and glare from glass surfaces. In passing you would want customers to have a clear view of what is inside the showroom without reflections that detract from the cars appearance, offering a clear view of the products on sale.


Low Iron Glass – By manufacturing glass using ingredients with naturally low iron contents these glass panels achieve unprecedented clarity and transparency. This process removes the ‘green tint’ from the glass and is used in places where ‘invisible glazing’ is required. This will ensure the cars are viewed clearly as they would be inside the showroom.

Frameless detailing – For maximum transparency minimal and frameless detailing is obviously required. IQ are well versed and experienced in producing and designing very minimal high end frameless finishes ion all all applications. Clever detailing at the head, base and junctions of the glass mean that the IQ design engineers can design the glass structure of the car showroom to ensure the glass panels are maximised and the joints are minimised.


Heated Glass – The IQ Heated Glass system can be designed in large, minimally framed glass panels and heats the internal space with radiant heat to ensure that the showroom area is kept comfortable and would encourage visitors to remain for longer periods of time. It also has the added benefit of stopping any condensation build up on glass on wet days, keeping the glass clear.

Using innovative design and detailing when it comes to the glazing and framework elements can make a showroom stand out from the rest. We encourage Motor dealers and their showroom designers to consult with IQ Glass UK and explore the possibilities of design to maximise the effect your cars in your showroom have.

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Rebecca is Head of Marketing at the IQ Group and has worked in glazing specification for many years. She has a broad range of technical knowledge about all our glazing products and offers technical advice and guidance to architects for specification. Her easy to digest technical advice is often quoted in magazines and publications. You might also recognise her as one of the IQ Glass CPD presenters.