Happy New Year!

The new decade is upon us!

Happy New Year to you all! 2019 was an exciting year at IQ with many award-winning projects and glazing products. Thank you to all our clients, both new and existing, for the continued support throughout the years. We are looking forward to the New Year and working with you on the next surge of award-winning architectural designs.

Now the Christmas festivities are over, and the New Year celebrations have passed (just!) we now turn our attention to the New Year and new decade that is upon us. The start of a New Year is the time to start new ideas with fresh inspiration and motivation.

IQ Glass has a wealth of new additions to the showroom coming in 2020 ready to realise ground-breaking architecture, including a new glass extension to the showroom! We hope that these new glazing showroom additions are going to help inspire contemporary designs and help architects realised their visionary designs.

IQ Glass Showroom covered in Snow

With the world population predicted to surpass 8 Billion people by mid-2020, the need for new and innovative residential architecture will be in high demand more than ever. In 2019 we saw an increase in upward architecture where properties were being extended upwards rather than outwards. It is expected that due to the growing population many architects will be looking for new and innovative ways to increase living space by utilising more ‘air space’ rather than ground space as this is a more efficient way to increase living space without decreasing floor space.

Glass Box Extension to a Rooftop

One specific project that saw living spaces growing upwards was the South West London project that saw a contemporary glass box extension built on the top floor of a residential development. This extension increased the living space of the occupants without compromising floor space and utilising air space.

We are excited to see what the new year brings us, from new projects through to new products. Each year has brought us innovative architectural designs whereby our team work closely with architects to help realise these outstanding designs. This new year we are looking forward to meeting with new clients and executing new architectural ideas.

The IQ Glass office will reopen on Monday 6th January, to request a quotation or to book a showroom visit with us just email hello@iqglassuk.com or call us on 01494 722 880.


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