Geneva by Richard Armitage Filmed at IQ Showroom

Geneva by Richard Armitage

The advert for Geneva by Richard Armitage Shot at Sky House


The architectural glazing showroom of the IQ Glass Group was host to the film crew of Geneva by Richard Armitage. The dramatic advert for Richard Armitage’s book Geneva was filmed exclusively at Sky House with all internal and external shots filmed within our 40,000 square foot architectural glazing showroom.

Geneva by Richard Armitage audio bookThe advert was filmed overnight starting in the evening and running through until 5:00am. Areas of the showroom that were filmed include our floating glass box, our home cinema showroom and our lift showroom as well as the front yard and car park. Sky House was chosen for the film location thanks to its modern design and architectural aesthetics as well as the ability to film all scenes for the advert within one location. 

Geneva by Richard Armitage

The resulting advert for Geneva by Richard Armitage showcases some of the very best areas of the IQ Glass Group showroom in Amersham. Sky House is available as a filming location for any production company. The large, open plan offices and home showroom areas allows the location to be the perfect place for a complete shoot showcasing home areas as well as office spaces. 

Geneva by Richard Armitage

In the advert for Geneva by Richard Armitage areas of Sky House were transformed into a modern all glass laboratory, a hotel room, a corridor and the car park to a laboratory. All of these scenes for the advert were filmed within Sky House using the buildings and spaces we have available.

The resulting advert is a great showcase of the dramatic twists of the audio book. Sky House offers a perfect backdrop to this modern and dark storyline. If you are looking for your own filming location in Buckinghamshire, get in touch with the team at IQ to find out more.  

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