Garden Room House BBC 2 Feature

Garden Room House with Sliding Glass Doors

IQ’s Garden Room House Project Feature on BBC2

The Garden Room House has recently featured in an episode of ‘The £100k house: Tricks of the Trade’ on BBC Two. This episode focused on a couple who were wanting to create more space within their home but were given the advice to remodel their ground floor to focus on the garden that could improve the space rather than expand it.

Piers Taylor, an Architect, wanted to give the clients an example of how you can create a stunning space by remodelling the ground floor. Piers took the couple to IQ’s Garden Room House project in South West London to provide some inspiration for their project.

Piers wanted to show his clients that homes with quite an ordinary exterior can have incredible interiors with good design. The ground floor of the Victorian terraced property was remodelled by Paul McAneary Architects Ltd to create a three-sided extension around a courtyard.

Garden Room House with ultra thin framed Sliding Glass Doors
Garden Room House with Sliding Glass Doors

When designing this new space the architects made sure to take storage, organisation and lighting into consideration to create the ideal space. When showing the clients around the property, Piers mentioned investing in glazing by integrating big glass openings into their project to give their rear extension the same experience as the Garden Room House.

Piers stated, “This glazing system is incredible because there is nothing at the head that blocks your eye so if you look into that space there, there is no glazing bar over the top. You just see open space and even when the windows are shut, you see open space.”

Our minimal windows sliding glass doors were installed onto the Garden Room House project with an open corner configuration to provide access to the garden space as well as to provide stunning views of the garden from each living space. Watch the video below to see how incorporating sliding glass doors into your design can help to improve your home design.

Modern secret of a victorian home - The 100k House: Tricks of the Trade - Series 2 - BBC Two

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