Frameless Windows create contrast with Concrete

Sharp frameless structural glass windows create a fantastic contrast against the square concrete blocks of this extension in Australia.

The project, featured on Denzeen website today, has been noted for its use of raw materials, mixing industrial concrete and glass with warmer oak features, such as the bespoke staircase, internally.

Frameless Windows, or picture windows as they are sometimes known, instantly begin the play of light and shade within architectural design, removing framing the glass abuts straight onto the surrounding finishes allowing for s stunning contrast.

You can view IQ’s project gallery for more examples of this type of structural glazing or contact us to discuss how you can incorporate this frameless structural glass solution into your own project.

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Rebecca is Head of Marketing at the IQ Group and has worked in glazing specification for many years. She has a broad range of technical knowledge about all our glazing products and offers technical advice and guidance to architects for specification. Her easy to digest technical advice is often quoted in magazines and publications. You might also recognise her as one of the IQ Glass CPD presenters.