Why Are Frameless Glass Links so Popular?

Green Barn Glass Link

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in desire for incorporating a frameless glass link into the design of a home whether it be a new build or as part of a home renovation.

What are glass links used for?

Glass links are often used to create a connection between the old and the new, especially on home renovations. Frameless glass links allow the original property to be viewed through the glazing making these bespoke products ideal for heritage and listed properties.

What is a glass link?

Glass links are more commonly used on listed buildings as part of the planning permission or on contemporary new builds to provide a unique design feature.

Glass links usually consist of multiple panes of frameless structural glass that are expertly integrated together to create a clear, frameless link between spaces. Different fixing methods are available depending on your project requirements, with the possible option to chase all fixings into the stone work for a completely frameless look.

Single or insulated glass units can be used to construct a glass link. By using double or triple glazing, a thermally efficient installation can be made. Your chosen glazing company should be able to design and engineer the building connections, the glass to glass joints and all fixings for a sleek glass installation.

Shenfield Mill Glass Link

What can be integrated into your glass link?

Opening elements such as windows and doors can be integrated into the structural glass construction to allow for movement throughout the space. If you are considering a single glazed installation then frameless opening doors can be integrated for a completely frameless finish.

Built elements such as a solid roof, timber supports or framed doors can be incorporated into the glass link.

Project examples:

Glass links are perfect for both residential and commercial properties to provide a stunning feature, increase natural lighting and allow the property to be seen from far away.

Ansty Manor:

Ansty Manor is a great example of a glass link being installed onto a listed property. Ansty Manor is a Grade II* Listed 16th-century manor house. A frameless glass link was needed to connect the new, contemporary space minimally with the stone construction of the manor house.

Using frameless glazing allows the maximum amount of natural light to pass through into the space, keeping it well-lit throughout the day and providing views of the stunning stone building from the outdoor living space.

IQ Glass Listed Property Glass Link
Glass Link on listed property

Green Barn:

This frameless glass link was installed to merge the old traditional cottage with the new conservatory. The clients of this Wiltshire home requested a glass link that would create a connection whilst keeping their beautifully bricked property on display.

Slim metal T sections and solar control coatings were used for this project to continue the minimal design whilst protecting the highly glazed space from overheating under direct sunlight.

Green Barn Glass Link
Green Barn Glass Link

Edge House:

Edge House is a great example of integrating elements in a frameless glass link. This glass link was installed to create a walkway between the main house and entertainment block. The clients had specified that the glass link needed to be as transparent as possible.

Glass links are perfect for creating walkways between buildings to keep yourself sheltered throughout the year. Two flush glazed pivot doors were integrated into the system to create easy access between the home and the external spaces.

Frameless Glass Link with Integrated Door
Integrate frameless doors for a completely frameless glass link

Ditchmore Lane:

Frameless glass links are also suitable for commercial projects. This medical centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire was renovated with the addition of a glass extension that works as a glass link between the two buildings.

For a completely glazed link, a glass roof was installed with glass fins used as a support extending the fully glazed appearance. This link provides additional space between buildings and shelters the pathway from English weather. This glass extension gives the building a contemporary addition in contrast to the older looking main building.

Ditchmore Lane Commercial Glass Link
Glass Link on a Commercial building

If you are interested in specifying a glass link for your project and have any further questions then please contact the team at IQ Glass by calling 01494 722880 or email hello@iqglassuk.com.

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