Brook Barn on Inside Out Homes TV Show

Overview of Brook Barn

Rural Barn with Sliding Glass Doors To Create An Indoor-Outdoor Garden Office.

Overview of the finished Brook Barn Project.
Overview of the finished Brook Barn Project.

The IQ Glass project ‘Brook Barn’ has recently been featured on a new TV design series on Channel 4 called ‘Inside Out Homes’. This series explores how homes can change when a house and garden are merged.

The first episode of ‘Inside Out Homes’ aired on the 14th July and focused on the design of one of IQ Glass’ projects. The aim for this project was to create an indoor-outdoor garden office from a rural barn.

The project includes large elevations of our minimal glass sliding doors as part of the glass courtyard and the new home office within the garden.

Large elevations of minimal glass sliding doors by IQ Glass.
Large elevations of minimal glass sliding doors by IQ Glass.

When trying to get inspiration to create this new indoor-outdoor garden office, the architect went to visit a previous IQ Glass project which featured these doors; ‘Garden House by De Matos Ryan’.

This project involved a new build home built below the ground floor of a rear garden with sliding glass doors as their way of creating an indoor-outdoor living space.

This indoor-outdoor experience is different as the slim framed sliding glass doors are inserted into the wall next to the kitchen counters. Once these doors are opened, the kitchen counters both inside and out merge, creating an indoor-outdoor kitchen.

IQ Glass' Garden House by De Matos Ryan Project.
IQ Glass’ Garden House by De Matos Ryan Project.

At Brook Barn, what had started out as a family home connected to a rural barn was converted to an even bigger family home with a new garden office using glass sliding doors from IQ Glass.

The internal structure of the rural barn was kept to match the rest of the house and sliding glass doors were added to create an indoor-outdoor space to merge the new and improved barn with the family garden.

The new barn has been converted into an office space with glass sliding doors to help provide the perfect amount of natural lighting into the office as well as providing good ventilation, especially in the hotter months.

Internal view of the Garden Office in Brook Barn.
Internal view of the Garden Office in Brook Barn.

An aluminium casement door was also installed to connect the living space with the garden office. This allows easy access to the office, especially in the winter when being outside in the garden isn’t ideal as well as ensuring extra security to the home.

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