Architectural Glazing in Care Homes

“Homely” feel design in care homes using Architectural Glazing

With more people living in care homes throughout the UK increased attention to detail is being paid to the design of new care establishments with various studies looking at factors to improve the quality of living that is afforded to the residents.

New research has established that if a care home has an ‘institutional feel’ residents can feel as if their environment is restrictive or confined. This has led to a wave of new care home designs that focus on residential design features for a ‘homely’ feel.

Architectural Glazing at Godswell Park luxury care home
Architectural Glazing at Godswell Park luxury care home

The building design for care homes should look to maximise the natural light that enters the internal living spaces with Godswell Park being an excellent example.

The luxury care home in Oxfordshire was recently renovated with a new wing to increase the communal dining capacity. A new spacious hallway and the new dining area were both lined with walls of sliding glass, from IQ Glass.

Sliding Glass Doors to Godswell Park luxury care home
Sliding Glass Doors to Godswell Park luxury care home

Here we used our popular residential sliding glass door system, minimal windows, to enable the maximum amount of glass to be used within the elevation, for a large increase in natural light.

As access to outdoor environments, where residents can relax or take part in outdoor activities, required to be fully wheelchair accessible the minimal windows Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors were the perfect options for the large format patio doors as the base of the sliding glass doors are completely flush. Couple that with their shallow 13mm siding track they are signed off for wheelchair access and are fully accessible to residents with physical, sensory or cognitive impairments.

When looking at the architectural glazing solutions for your care home design contact IQ Glass for more information about what is available.



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